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Ducabike Ducati 749 999 Adjustable Handlebar Clip-Ons


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Ducabike Ducati 749 999 Adjustable Handlebar Clip-Ons


These Ducabike Ducati 749 999 adjustable handlebar clip-ons are a perfect replacement to the originals.

They provide the ability to adjust the angle of the bars from 6-10 degrees and have a height rise of 20mm providing you a more comfortable ride.

Made from 7075 billet CNC aluminium and hard anodised black with adjustment markings lasered for ease of adjustment.


(**please note that due to the added rise the reservoirs may require lowering to prevent fouling the fairing and your turning circle will be reduced**) 


Fits Ducati models: Ducati 749-999 (all variations)


Ducabike Ducati 749 999 Adjustable Handlebar Clip-Ons


Ducabike Ducati 749 999 Adjustable Handlebar Clip-Ons


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